Dear Cardi….

Dear Cardi,
I don’t know if you will ever even read this, matter of fact I am sure you won’t lol!
🎧“Invasion of Privacy”🎧
πŸŒŸπŸ†Album of The YearπŸ†πŸŒŸ
Cardi is more than a good “Female” rapper, Cardi is a Top 10 Rapper doing it right now! PERIOD regardless of gender!
You’ve managed to give us that: “Good Kid, Madd City”/ “Baduizm”/ “Reasonable Doubt”/ “It was Written”/ “The Miseducation of Lauren Hill” look into your Life with the REAL πŸ”« ATTITUDE and lyrical flow of “All Eyez On Me!” As those artist created Classics which invited strangers into their world, where we evolved into fans! Etching their names on our brains, you also brought your hammer chisel to the party!
You then came back and hit us with tracks displaying a “4:44” & “Lemonade” type of maturation. So not only do we see the blacksmithing that forged you with hammer and fire into who you are, but also feel the heat from the flames as you’re still being molded into your Greater Self!
I bet you don’t realize you are dropping BARZ not a few verses then a repetitive chorus, but BARZ! Actual full versus of shear lyrical magic! I don’t watch reality TV, so when I saw you close out the BET Awards a few years ago, and posted it to my Facebook that you was a Star in the making, people disputed it because of your image etc… I knew better though, glad I was right!
Plus your SNL performance PURE MAGIC both sets were BLAZING! You KILLED THE STAGE! As Beyonce says YOU SLAY, YOU SLAY, YOU SLAY!
Many entertainers don’t embrace that opportunity to really connect with the millions watching, but Cardi B youdid! You took every viewer on a ride into your world a journey that stretched your childhood into your next adventure as a mother. (CONGRATULATIONS)
The connection you made with the World by reminded me of the time I watched L.L. Cool J. Live from The House of Blues the way he made the connection with his fans. Also replicated by Jay-Z a few years later!
Your SNL performance will carry you to straight dominance during Awards season I am forecasting a Clean Sweep!

I just keep watching you Late Night host, Coachella, etc…. All I ask is that you don’t feed into any drama! You’re too real for fake beef, and there’s more money in collaborations than arguing!