“The Black Panther” were can I start????

The Colors, The Symmetry, The Angles, The Depth,The Black People!!!
Non Colonized, Africa Perfected, Beauty Personified  
#PERFECTION This movie delivers a message bigger than the cinematic event! The struggle T’Chala and Kill-Monger are engaged in is the same struggle T’Challa and Nakia face as well. Nakia declines his invitation to stay and become his Queen because her heart is pulled to help those outside the boundaries of Wakanda!  Is this a true visualization of the African American diaspora and Africa played out between from the viewpoints of T’Chala & Kill-Monger? As an African American I can’t completely buy into this mythology. I say this because it seems like both sides feel as though they know what the other has been through, yet neither side has offered a hand out to help rise up!

I’ve read a few great articles and saw some great videos that kind of explain this type of mystery from both sides of the coin here a few:

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In a perfect world Kill-Monger would have been embraced by T’Challa as soon as he realized who he was! He knew immediately but his pride would not allow it! A person would assume that an immediate explanation of the truth could have been displayed there in front of everyone. Pride is also on display when T’Challa returns to Wakanda without Klaue, but he doesn’t fully explain to W’Kabi the reason why! See T’Challa is the KING and he is carrying the Pride of a King, The Pride of his KINGDOM! This is also the Pride that lead to his 1st downfall and defeat to Kill-Monger because he couldn’t see the hurt and pain his father caused this young man!

We should be careful though not to confuse Kill-Mongers journey, with the African American experience as a whole when it comes to Africa! A closer look at the reality of the 2 people some could say America is the African’s Wakanda! The African sons and daughters stolen, traded or sold to slavers, who endured and survived the long dehumanizing and vile voyage in bondage from the African Coast through South America and into North America were changed. They endured lives as slaves learned to survive, thrive and even though the African was beat, whipped and worked out of them as far as religion (or the lack thereof), native language, rituals, and ways of life. Regardless of what ever they had become they knew they weren’t the same. Fathers separated from children whether it be during the capture or after the voyage, watching their children sold off to strangers, seeing his wife stripped down and sold as property as well, a people broken and emotionally scarred ripped from their reality and thrust into a strangers nightmare.

Personally I could make the argument that if it was not for Kill-Monger’s personal angers and issues, he could have shown how America has really been The Wakanda for every other African Nation not part of Wakanda! Whether is is our Civil Rights fight which encouraged Africans in South Africa to fight back against Apartheid. Our leaders who made sure the name Nelson Mandela didn’t fade away and be forgotten, as they stood in solidarity. The camera that showed the beauty of Africa and its people on full display as Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman in the “Rumble in the Jungle” which made Ali gush and scream from the mountain tops about the Love and Admiration he had found in Africa! Let us not forget “We are The World” a music project which will never be replicated all the best stars from across America by the request of  Lionel Ritchie and Micheal Jackson produced by Quincey Jones which was to show that we stand with our Motherland Africa as they were being ravaged by hunger and disease. Fast forward to even today as African American entertainers and athletes run charities in Africa from stopping Human Smuggling rings,  Clean Water Projects, and to opening new schools for boys and girls! The African Americans have never for gotten about our Motherland although she never manned the ships and came for us! Marcus Garvey wanted us to move to Africa, but Africa never met us half way!

I hope that The Black Panther can help Africans and African Americans realize although Wakanda is fictional, we both have some deep wounds when it comes to each others being! It is great to see the African influence exploding on the Hollywood screen big and small! African Americans we need to learn from them instead of saying “why not us?” We need to have the same hunger they have the same determination they have to be successful. From Issa Ray to Godfrey hearing the way they grew up to be the best of their selves as doctors, and lawyers etc… and only settling for entertainment! The work ethic of Africans is something we as African Americans made fun of in the 80’s and 90’s but we were wrong, and they had it 100% right! Could it have been because the American life although racism was real, it may have been the only real handcuff we faced, and even by that time we were overcoming to make our mark in every single industry and profession there is!

In closing I want to say Kill-Monger had risen to the ranks only a few men of any race could ever aspire to in America, he could have been the 2nd African American President considering how much he knew and the experience he had! He fought his way through the slums of California all the way to MIT to become the Elite of the ELITE in COMBAT for the government. That alone is the example that needs to be preached from the MOUNTAIN TOPS to our young black youth! He did not allow being orphaned to stop him from becoming great, because he had a singular purpose a goal for which he could not fail himself from accomplishing! Although his goal may have been rooted in hatred, heart ache and pain, the road he took to get there was paved in GREATNESS! The 1 drawback I noticed about this movie was seeing how Kill-Monger (seemed) to be destined to die, even his request to die was poignantly professed! To see Bucky Barnes is still alive and to also be in Wakanda after all that he has done, yet Kill-Monger has to die! That hurt!

Of course this is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours!