The Anatomy of Communication in a Relationship!

The main issue is the lack of communication! It is a skill that people in relationships lack all over the country, but I feel like it is especially an issue in the lower financial class, and under educated households.  Communication is a natural and nurtured reaction and skill. I say it is both nature and nurture driven because yes some people are just great communicators, but the way they choose to communicate is just as important as the act itself.

In a lot of relationships both sides bring baggage and the lack of effective communication is 1 big suitcase that people lay on their mate’s emotional floor! Plus if a person has not seen an effective relationship where communication is vibrant, successful, respectful, and integral then they are most likely to bring that broken style of communication into their relationship as well. The faults of cheating and revenge, and spite are all acted out in most cases because people refuse to just admit they have made mistakes, or feel a certain way about the transgressions of their mate, yet they don’t know how to tell them verbally, so they act out instead.

A simple talk about financial stress and feelings of not want and abandon can be resolved by both parties sitting down and discussing the when’s and why’s of their relationship saving them from committing crimes of the heart against the other person, because they are to filled with the anxiety, embarrassment, and fear they are filled with when they think of just talking about their feelings. This issue is not just a man’s problem; it is a sickness and disease both sexes have.

Men call it pride and foolish terms such as “me being me”, and “this is what men do” when they are explaining their childish behavior, and their inability to talk and effectively communicate their feelings. Mainly because they weren’t shown an image of a man even doing that for a fear he would be conceived as weak or gay!

Women on the other hand have no issue with discussing their emotions and issues with their friends, family, and strangers, but when it comes to their mate they clam up on the true important matters and focus on trivial things that the man has no idea of why it even matters!  Which cause a void of trust and faith and opens the door for lies and deception on both part, yet their mothers and girlfriends will know the whole scoop! Their childish behavior is brought on by a fear of being alone, and missing out on “a good thing” because if they just show a man the image they think the man thinks he wants to see, then he will never leave them. Even though we all know this is false.

Honest and truthful communication a clean slate and realizing not all issues have resolutions that are prevalent and immediate, but if the issues are on the table then they can be worked on and ironed out between both parties, as long as they are committed to doing so and bringing all issues to the fore front can only relive stress, and avoid ignorant and permanent damage effecting all sides of people physically and emotionally!  It will also break the mold of ineffective communication for your children because they will see how adults are supposed to handle life amongst each other, and in business dealings as well. Effective and decisive communication builds confidence and integrity in people, and also shows a person’s worth in way that is immeasurable.


The Big Black Truth

The reason I posted this is because black peole have got to open their eyes and see the truth! Compare the numbers of black prosperity during the Bush years vs Obama’s years! Yes this is just his 2nd year in the White House, but he was given a broken egg, a mountain of clay that was his to mold, what did he do? He continued down the road that crippled America to begin with! He satisfied some with “Cash for Clunkers”, he gave us a temporary “Home Buyers Credit”, and he also put in place an extra $812 in your yealy take home those were temporary! He promised to end the Iraq War which he has since renigged on prefering to wage a War in Afghnistan and patronize the monetary needs and demands of a Nuclear Pakistan for which he refuses to enter talks that could replace its presidency and denuclearize the country, he bailed out the banks with tough rhetoric and no back bone, he created a Wall Street that manipulates the Market in the same way it did previously that caused the housing market problem from the beginning, by proposing new laws designed to govern and regulate it with out any teeth basically turning it into an informational document for the American to read!

Healthcare was a farce from the beginning with no real intent on a “public option” for Americans he really only wanted Americans to fall in line because he knew that by covering sick and previously denied ill patients he can help bankrupt America as well as the insurance companies may have to cover you, but they can also charge what ever ridiculous fees and deductibles they see fit which is still a win/win for them!

Back to the $812 additional dollars he put in your pocket, he subtracted about $30 – $40 of that back by signing to extend the Bush error tax cuts, and also hurting you in the long run because your social security %6 to %4 is going to mess a lot of people up later on in life, some sooner than later! As well as without ending tax cuts he is extending the period of smaller tax income therefore furthering a defict in our country and compiled an extesion of unemployment benefits! Which is an act that will keep people unemployed, for the most part they will be those that are the uninspired and undetermined that do the back breaking and undesired work, it will go to the immigrant and get outsourced as well, leading us back into a nonproductive period that will cause decades of negative results for millions of Americans. By the way go read the Obama tax plans, tell how you like those apples especially if your a married couple.

His relentless actions by employing the Bernankes, Summers, the Gietners, and Dailys are continued measures that he isn’t about change for the good he is all about the continued unrest and unequality that has America in the position it is now! I know what you are going to say next what about his efforts to extend higher education? To that I say this 1 of Americas biggest problems right now is the flooding of over educted people and the fact is that there is now a college on every corner! So if you didn’t take an ACT or SAT and you don’t want to learn about all the stuff that targeted on your desires and career come ABC University, we understand your needs! Bull hockey, the traditional Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges are having to raise its cost because so many people are going to these fly by night schools and getting half ass degrees that aren’t fully equiping them for the whole job, but employers are hiring these people because they will take less than a student that went to a traditional 4 or 6 year institution of higher learning! When that scientist, engineer, chemist, journalist, lawyer, etc graduates they see they have to accept less than Sally Sue that used her scool money and went to “Happy Easy Time University”, but when the head to head performance comes out the proof is in the pudding the correctly and upper educated worker is usually held onto despite the minor pay difference and yet another “educated” person joins the ranks of the unemployed!

I contend that instead of pumping money into our adults going to college and older house moms and dads we pump our money into our communities where we can save and improve the quality of real education for young students K – 12 because if given the proper seeds of encouragement and education up to scale and quality clooege will be a destination not an option! Only then can you garuntee that the child will know how important an education really is it has too be placed in their subliminal mindset, and the younger the better, because Online training isn’t hands on skill learning! A computer can never give someone the same type of quality education a classroom enviroment offers! But the quality of the classroom enviroment has to be a strong 1 from the beginning starting at the Kindergarten level and continuing throughout highschool so the sheer size of college and the work load doesn’t destroy a person mentaly before they even get started it should entice them to want to conquer it instead! The only way to encourage that type of attitude and focus on education and the work ethic it takes to get there is by starting when you have the best oppurtunity “in the beginning” yeah it is going to takes some outreach into family homes, it is going to take some feedings, and clothings, and outreach but that is the beautiful thing about America and The American spirit it can be done!

Those are and were the roots of his campaing the man who gave up the big firms to work in communites becoming one with regular people helping societies lowest to achieve great things, but where is that candidate? What happened to the “Yes we can!” Candidate that was about change and holding his ground against the backroom dealings, and closed door meetings and porkbelly wastefull war time actions that was ruining our country? Remember his allegiance to the poor and unrepresented the person next door, the everyday American, I belive he has forgotten that, he has forgotten that we have to put money in our pocket so we can place food on the table, in order for our kids to get the “free” education they deserve as Americans our Communities need his help!

Pay our teachers more make it a target job instead of a dreadful one, they need to know that. Public Education is a Business that is too big to fail and their bailout is coming! Look into family matters and the court system help fathers that are doing the right things by their children, in child support, increase programs that can help keep some of these families together, instead of allowing them to fail! Go after those men who hide behind unemployment and lazy local governments that aren’t paying child support, along with the mothers who are abusing the goverment for their funds and hurting the middle class families that are doing it the right way!

Create a jobs training programs that include the basic building blocks and foundation of the working force with construction, general labor skills, and capentary skills allowing them to take back a field of employment that has benn taken over by the immigrant leagal/illegal!
When our telecommunications companies and technological companies look for workers they shouldn’t have to revert to outsourcing and hiring people from other companies, our American students should be getting equipted for these jobs early, not just when in college! Give more benefits for companies willing to stay in America, charge higher taxes to companies who’s base is in other countries say like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW for example, charge them for us having to import their vehicles and parts to our country instead of opening manufactoring plants (besides the few plants) here that can make those parts for their vehicles! If they try and pull out of America inform them the import tax will be levied on their products that it will be almost impossible for us to afford them! We need an Amrican President that is going to make America work for Americans, the whole America not just the top 2 – 6%! Yes I am including some of the richest people thzt don’t show up on the list those that hide their money offseas those Obama also said he was going to bring to justice and didn’t pursue once he got into office!

Last but not least, on the crime situation crime is something we are always going to have, it is just a rule of life! Drugs and drug violence doesn’t have to be as bad as it is though, through community outreach and retooling and reapproaching the situation, we can build and man more rehabilitation facilities and empower and educate from within the community, that can cleanse itself of the drug and violence, if you get rid of the consumer then there isn’t a markegt for your product! The nature and needs of the drug abuser has got to changed and addressed, don’t get me wrong there will be drug abuse, and some violence with it, but when it can be curtailed so it isn’t hyptnotising and brain washing whole communities of poor and downtrotten people that can’t see if they put the distractions down, and faced reality that their own lives could be saved by and with each other! That is going to take a mass change in or laws and law enforcement! That’s where Obama can lead and start the conversation to get those changes made! Please chime in, and leave your response whether you agree or disagree! Add your own ideas and thoughts!

“Give me soup to help keep me alive, not flowers when i am dead”

Watching “A Huey P. Newton Story” makes me realize just how much revolutionary people think alike! I think of myself as an evolutionary thinker who like Huey doesn’t believe that blacks, were given a fair chance in America, as well as they never will! But unlike Huey I know that violence although needed and is necessary at times as self defense only, white men fear the idea of intelligence by the oppressed! That’s why they assasinate., or pay off those that seem intelligent, as well as allow them to make fools of them selves and use the media to ridcule them to those ignorant and seduced by the media’s pretty faces and witty charisma! Most people are blind to the facts that the media is a tool that will report what people want to hear it is driven by the watchers a supply and demand market! So if you demand ignorance and foolishness, massive sexulity and immorality, that’s what you will get! Until people as a whole no matter race demand equality and morality and a sense of humanity from the media they won’t receive it, The Black Panther’s good deeds over shadowed their legendary black leather jackets, berets, and machine guns! Had they been the Red Cross with their white outfits and Catholic heritage they would have been received as heroes!