Conderate Flag!

Everybody wants to call the Confederate flag a sign of racisim, but truly its the total opposite it was a sign of freedom! Slavery was a way of life period! Many blacks refuse to admit the fact that blacks for the most part accepted slavery because they weren’t mentally strong enough, due to the fear of what freedom might have meant, “whos going to clothe, me, feed me, shelter me, etc they were scared to break the chains, and fight back! They new that they were being treated badly and inhumane but at the same time the white man was feeding, housing, and clothing them! There was a lack of Independence because as slaves they came from a land that was ruled by a Village King and had a caste system that had leaders and its own form of slavery, alot of them were already slaves whether it been in Jamaica, Virgin Islands, South America, or Africa. The Civil War was about MONEY not slavery period! Lincoln was the biggest rascist of his day! But back to the flag under blacks fought for that flag to, and had it been told correctly blacks lost the most because had the promises given to them by the North and the rights given to them during “Reconstruction” been backed up by the North there would not have been a Jim Crow. I have no issue with someone who flies the Confederate flag because at least you know where they stand!


2 thoughts on “Conderate Flag!

  1. Robert January 18, 2011 / 6:48 AM

    This one has some valid points, but the fact of the matter is that the Confederate flag represents a time in society when America got it wrong. It represents a false since of superiority and an ignorance that this country should be ashamed of. Now don’t get me wrong I get what you are trying to say. I feel the same way about the fact that it lasted as long as it did. (slavery) However that flag has no place in our society outside of a museum. Go anywhere in the world where a war was lost I guarantee you won’t see any resemblance of the “enemy” flag.

    • fred January 21, 2011 / 10:58 PM

      I feel as if the history behind The Confedrate flag is far too important and notourious to sit in the museum! The flag still represents hate and bigotness and with that said blacks should stand together when it is flown proud in front yards and when it staked on the back of a pickup truck, to let that person know that it isn’t all good!

      But on the flipside of that reaction ever coming about, I think everytime a black person sees it they should realize who they are dealing with, you have to remember a lot of blacks in the South still revere this flag and its meaning! Yeah, the “pride” it brings from the south to show there was a time when Washington, ie”the north” couldn’t dictate and boss them around! We as blacks on the “evolved” state of mind only see the negativity it packs! The Nazi Swastika meant death for millions of Jews, but at the same time it has lived on as a sign of hate, a completely different turn of events and place in history than the Confederate flag.
      Eventhough both were used to oppress and punish people. The Jews story is one recongnized as a travesty and mass murderous, genocidial, event vs the economical and politically accepted slavery, Jim Crow, and Social Rasicm The Blacks endured and unlike the Jews blacks weren’t able to escape and capitolize in a free market and be part of the same economical success they had built, and share the high rise life and luxury of the country, where their blood was shed to build into a empire. Instead they were ran out of Manhattan, NY, into Harlem, by the same Jews, Irish, Polish, and Italian immigrants that fled their oppressive countries looking for a new chance in the land of milk and honey! This behavior continued all across the country as they went from NY and East Coast cities to the West Coast and Florida as well, they trampled over a people who hadn’t been able to escape the travesty the Confederate flag and its nature brought upon them! That’s the difference in why the immigrants are the foundation of America and the African is still just a second class citizen, the immigrant was able to leave its own prosecutors for a better place that offered new oppurtunity!

      The Confederate Flag needs to flie until Blacks Country wide rise up and decide to burn, and detroy it and realize why it is so important to do so, until then whether it is in a museum or on the back of a pickup truck, it still has power and rightfully so!

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