“Give me soup to help keep me alive, not flowers when i am dead”

Watching “A Huey P. Newton Story” makes me realize just how much revolutionary people think alike! I think of myself as an evolutionary thinker who like Huey doesn’t believe that blacks, were given a fair chance in America, as well as they never will! But unlike Huey I know that violence although needed and is necessary at times as self defense only, white men fear the idea of intelligence by the oppressed! That’s why they assasinate., or pay off those that seem intelligent, as well as allow them to make fools of them selves and use the media to ridcule them to those ignorant and seduced by the media’s pretty faces and witty charisma! Most people are blind to the facts that the media is a tool that will report what people want to hear it is driven by the watchers a supply and demand market! So if you demand ignorance and foolishness, massive sexulity and immorality, that’s what you will get! Until people as a whole no matter race demand equality and morality and a sense of humanity from the media they won’t receive it, The Black Panther’s good deeds over shadowed their legendary black leather jackets, berets, and machine guns! Had they been the Red Cross with their white outfits and Catholic heritage they would have been received as heroes!


One thought on ““Give me soup to help keep me alive, not flowers when i am dead”

  1. B.G. January 18, 2011 / 8:07 PM

    yea i can dig it

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