Black discrimination against Black people

Omarosa hasn’t done anything most people have to do to make it ahead! Black people kill me! In most professional situations Black people in higher positions don’t even help other Black people!

So many times they are quick to assist people of other races excel (with less qualifications), while smiling in Black people’s face making sure they “keep it real” the whole time helping to keep Blacks in their place! Regardless of the fraternity, sorority, geographic kinship, etc in most cases that hand up, doesn’t come from those with the same hue!

Omarosa made a powerful friend in Trump, before the White House, and Trump regardless of his reasons he came through for her! All her Sorors, Black Affiliates, Professional Groups etc… closed the door on her, with friends like those why wouldn’t you roll with Trump?

“Well Trump he is a racist!” But you break bread with people who you “suspect” have killed people, robbed people, sell drugs to their mom, etc… who ain’t even your family!
People in different environments have different viewpoints! It seems we are the only race that only sees things 1 way, until we don’t and then at that point your deemed an enemy, the message is pushed by those smart enough to realize the majority will not ask questions but continue to put their heads in the ground, and follow the crowd!