The Anatomy of Communication in a Relationship!

The main issue is the lack of communication! It is a skill that people in relationships lack all over the country, but I feel like it is especially an issue in the lower financial class, and under educated households.  Communication is a natural and nurtured reaction and skill. I say it is both nature and nurture driven because yes some people are just great communicators, but the way they choose to communicate is just as important as the act itself.

In a lot of relationships both sides bring baggage and the lack of effective communication is 1 big suitcase that people lay on their mate’s emotional floor! Plus if a person has not seen an effective relationship where communication is vibrant, successful, respectful, and integral then they are most likely to bring that broken style of communication into their relationship as well. The faults of cheating and revenge, and spite are all acted out in most cases because people refuse to just admit they have made mistakes, or feel a certain way about the transgressions of their mate, yet they don’t know how to tell them verbally, so they act out instead.

A simple talk about financial stress and feelings of not want and abandon can be resolved by both parties sitting down and discussing the when’s and why’s of their relationship saving them from committing crimes of the heart against the other person, because they are to filled with the anxiety, embarrassment, and fear they are filled with when they think of just talking about their feelings. This issue is not just a man’s problem; it is a sickness and disease both sexes have.

Men call it pride and foolish terms such as “me being me”, and “this is what men do” when they are explaining their childish behavior, and their inability to talk and effectively communicate their feelings. Mainly because they weren’t shown an image of a man even doing that for a fear he would be conceived as weak or gay!

Women on the other hand have no issue with discussing their emotions and issues with their friends, family, and strangers, but when it comes to their mate they clam up on the true important matters and focus on trivial things that the man has no idea of why it even matters!  Which cause a void of trust and faith and opens the door for lies and deception on both part, yet their mothers and girlfriends will know the whole scoop! Their childish behavior is brought on by a fear of being alone, and missing out on “a good thing” because if they just show a man the image they think the man thinks he wants to see, then he will never leave them. Even though we all know this is false.

Honest and truthful communication a clean slate and realizing not all issues have resolutions that are prevalent and immediate, but if the issues are on the table then they can be worked on and ironed out between both parties, as long as they are committed to doing so and bringing all issues to the fore front can only relive stress, and avoid ignorant and permanent damage effecting all sides of people physically and emotionally!  It will also break the mold of ineffective communication for your children because they will see how adults are supposed to handle life amongst each other, and in business dealings as well. Effective and decisive communication builds confidence and integrity in people, and also shows a person’s worth in way that is immeasurable.

Question? Gadhafi’s death and Iraq war ending, coincidence?

Gadhafi’s death and Iraq war ending, coincidence?
I don’t think so I think the real situation is now since America has spent more than a BILLION dollars getting rid of Moammar, we have made it clear to whoever is running Libya that we want that oil!!!! There are no coincidences in America when it comes to money, resources, and regime change America, France, and Italy are going to share the wealth of the oil which Libya is holding causing a backlash between them and the tag team of Russia and China! Hold your breath this should be a good fight!

Tupac the missing link between Martin Luther King and true social equality

Tupac Shakur’s image and vision of his “Thug Life” mentality, was not the perverted and massively distorted vision and oxymoron  that Bob Dole and Dolores Tucker made it to be instead he was really reaching out too and talking to the single parent home, the hungry, the under and uneducated, unemployed, the downtrodden, and the forgotten American whether he/she be black, white, or brown!  Unfortunately his image and legacy is one consumed by ignorant and confused people who only saw the raw un-molded, uncut, confused and mislead young man who was actually the Next evolutionary figure in the battle for Civil Rights!

His aim was too picked up where his mother and other Black Panther leaders left, his message delivery was just, as if not more powerful than the quiet and peaceful marches and respectable manners for which Martin won our freedom as a race, but where Tupac differed is he didn’t have the respect, honor, and social acceptance as Martin eventually earned.

Instead it was a brash, young angry, and uncontrolled message that couldn’t be caged his fury and power wasn’t like that of Garvey and Malcolm X who both led with honor, dignity, and control. Instead Tupac’s audience had no guidelines or outline for success they had no road map to change they just knew where they was, and where they didn’t want to be. Tupac’s guidance was too influenced by the street life he saw, and also by the street life that the record producers, and record companies wanted to make sure got across because it was making money!

So instead of the millions listening to his message of revolution against the white people, and the Government his message came across like he was saying revolt against anyone that has more than you, including each other! Unfortunately that’s where it all went downhill, because the ignorance and laziness of poor people, along with the guile and sneaky intelligence of the Jews and other foreign music and movie companies he was guided to put a cage on his real message and make music that these fools and women wanted to listen to!

The reason I call Tupac the “bridge” is because Martin’s no violence and peaceful message had done all it could do for the African! Once the South was assumed to be “free” and Jim Crow was publicly outlawed, (though we know some still kept it as law) the fight for Martin was moved to the North were many of the blacks fled whether it be Oakland California, or Chicago Martin realized his job was still incomplete!

As Martin came into these new places were blacks were now living amongst the secret code of Jim Crow aka “James Crow”  he wasn’t being ran out-of-town or locked up by the local sheriff. No see they had a better smarter, craftier way to deal with him, they instead welcomed him to their city. Because they witnessed how being violent didn’t work in the South it only created a picture that displayed blacks as the victim and the  oppressor was the White man, well these images and characteristics would only deliver sympathy and rouse some of the soft white people’s heart-strings to feel a guilt for the black mans situation!

A bigger enemy to the black mans survival in the North was also present The Immigrant! The immigrant all though he wasn’t American and didn’t lift a hand to build America like the Africans did with their blood, sweat, and tears, they mostly fit in because they looked the same as Americans, they were white! Since this was the norm for them their only discrimination’s came down to each other and it was mostly religion based.  The immigrant was already in the North working the good jobs in manufacturing and processing and the black just had to take the customary low wage and fill in for strike pay type of jobs. The major issue here is the immigrant didn’t have the same white guilt the American white had for the Negro considering they were already considered to be better than the black when they stepped off the boat. They were able to form unions and they owned neighborhoods and communities they were the policemen and secretaries, the firefighters, and the lawyers, judges, and prosecutors by the time the black man got up north they even had the crime market on lock.

These were the rules and the way of life. With this already being set as the standards on how cities were going to be ran the politicians which came from these immigrant homes and communities didn’t have to worry about fighting Martin L. King and his black marchers being an issue or a real impact because they knew the old style communities would fight the battle for them.  See what I am saying is the no violence approach to civil rights wasn’t and didn’t work in the North because in many cases the white skinned, and olive-skinned people in the north weren’t the same white people who brought Negros from Africa on boats and whipped and made us slaves. No these fair complected people have no connection with blacks and only know that they can dance, and sing but besides their strong back and refusal to fight back for their own rights they felt as if they were better than them from the beginning. See the plight to America from a foreigner’s point of view was a new chance on life, freedom religious, and other wise they had fought in their own civil wars in their homeland and new that America could be a new way to fortune and a great place for their children and their children’s children to grow up and live great dominate lives.  In this reality of differences is where I think was the Jewish, Polish, Italian, Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants major trifle and therefore argument with the African-American.

I think they saw a weakness and laziness in the fact that this whole nation of Africans had allowed themselves to be slaves and allowed their children to be enslaved as well. The bigger fact and more evident product of slavery isn’t the physical aspect of it, it is the mental slavery in which my beautiful race still allows itself to hold it hostage! We haven’t broken the mental constraints of stepping out on our own, trusting and believing in each other, and putting ourselves first before anyone else!

This was more a of a brain dump for me at times it was all over the place and times it hit dead on, check it out and tell me where it guided your thoughts!

How is your Union, really protecting you?

Verizon workers go on strike! Verizon makes a lot of money every year right? The latter statement is more important than the first statement, because the strikers are “land line” service workers a Unionized job, which is a prehistoric service that has lost its viability!

On the other hand the service Verizon is eating and getting fat from is its wireless service, which isn’t Unionized!
The workers in the land line division are suffering from 1 sickness it is called “spoiled employee syndrome!” Unfortunately they don’t realize they are not a viable investment anymore, I say “they” because even though they are physically telephone lines, they are the only unnecessary part of the process! Verizon is the #2 Worlds largest mobile phone provider, that work force isn’t represented by an Union, so they have a better opportunity to treat their employees in that division how they want to.

It is the Union’s job to acquire the best possible wages and working conditions possible for the Union worker, but when the Union worker is costing the company more than the Union worker is producing, because the Union worker’s product is inept, and out dated then what are both sides to do? On Verizon’s side they could continue to pull profits from the wireless workers production and keep the wire line employees happy! On the flip side, Verizon’s wireless operation isn’t Unionized by design, not accident!

It actually would have been a mistake if Verizon would have allowed Unions in their wireless division, because they would be stuck, in the precarious situation they are in now with the land line division, which is what are we going to do when your not profitable anymore?

As a Union Stewart I don’t want to represent an employee that doesn’t pay Union dues, but I have too if he/she asks to be represented. At the same time I don’t feel like it is right for Union workers to force a company’s hand by striking, when the consessions the company is asking them to make are actually understandable.

Verizon is asking for the employee to go to 5 sick days a year, take up more of the slack for their healthcare, accept pension freezes in exchange for a more aggressive 401 retirement package these 3 things are some important issues, but the 1 thing these 45,000 Verizon employees striking aren’t thinking about is, land line phone is extinct!

With VOiP, and cellular phones alone not to mention your free Skype, and Google phone options many people are “cutting” the cord of land lines! Who is really at fault here? In my opinion it is the Union! They have lost the chance to educate and really smack their employees back to reality!
Those 45,000 jobs can and will look really good to temp workers, International workers, and staffing agencies, that aren’t going to demand any benefits, or retirement options! In this case it was and is the Unions job to show the employee just where they stand and how they really don’t have fight in this situation! Verizon even bargaining with the employees is an admonishment, because they actually can show where the employees aren’t worth the money and benefits they have come accustom to having!

The Union was suppose to be the parent of the 45,000 Verizon land line employees, a mother/father figure teaching them that unfortunately everything doesn’t always turn out the way you want it too, but at this point you really can’t expect to continue to receive “Cadillac” benefits, for a “AMC” type of job!

The CWA is responsible for what’s best for its members, and sometimes that includes telling the members, this is the best deal we have and we are going to get, once you compare the members value vs Verizon’s cost! In this case, The CWA should have made the membership understand this ain’t 1989, and the wireless division of Verizon really doesn’t owe them anything!

Too many Kids Too many baby daddys!

A friend of mine asked this question “Why is it so Bad when a woman has multiple Baby Daddys” (Rocko Ledford via FB)

This is the answer in my opinion tell me yours!

I wonder why people are so easy to have sex with just who ever men and women? Its like people are brainwashed! That’s the biggest issue, and yes if she or he is taking care of them meaning no welfare, food stamps, K-Chip, etc… Then who cares they can do that, but if they receive any of the above services including Section-8, free cell phones, you name it then they are some irresponsible, immature, people that just don’t care about what they doing!

Yes, somebody needs to judge sometimes. Caring is one reason some people changed their ways! Whether it be that Church family, or just Big Momma those dynamics are missing from peoples lives right now!

Some people get caught up it happens, once may be twice but multiple times different baby fathers, and illegitimate children, that’s ignorance, no not all people on welfare and/or the aboved mention programs are “LIFERS”, but it is so easy to become content when trying to get off public assistance, and not having the gov help is so much harder! Not to mention the drugs and alcohol have people so dazed and dysfunctional half the time they don’t even know what’s going on!

Honestly who wants to work like a beast, and have too struggle if you don’t have too? Women are so weak and feeble minded, and men have so many juvenile thoughts that sex now is the #1 topic among every age group! It is really pathetic, mixed in television shows made either promote homosexuality, murder, and blind ignorance shaded as “reality tv” people are really being manipulated to fail, if they don’t have any ambition or goals!

Whatever I didn’t say you say it for me!

Black Slavery

Crazy! So I have been perplexed by something I saw in the movie “Jumping The Broom” if anyone has seen then you will know the part were Angela Bassett speaks of her family owning slaves, well it is a no brainer of course some free blacks had slaves back in the day. But it had been bothering me for a few weeks since I heard her say it, so I was working on my book about my thoughts and I decided to check this history out, and I tell you what we know is a farce when it comes to slavery and the South, I mean PATHETIC! There really is nothing new under the sun! Reading things for yourself is a must! Black slave owners were richer than whites as a whole and I mean this si some crazy stuff tell me what yall think!


As a young man I have made allot of major mistakes, but all the while I was making them I thought I was being responsible, only to now realize I was being pitiful!

What it has made me realize is that many people, in life use things like love, faith, destiny, dedication, and loyalty to describe situations they should have avoided but do to fear and comfort they believe lies, told from others and told to themselves! Are you really suppose to have people to depend on in life? You know that best friend or family members, or did God create you to be completely self sufficient? I am not a “life long friendship/relationship” person whether it be family or friends, I really do speak my mind and do what works best for me and my household first, because as a man and a leader that’s my job! That is the type of responsible parents I had, and the type of mother I have! But I do wonder about the “sociability” aspect of life! How many times have you swallowed your pride or lied to yourself and supported an unhealthy relationship just to appease yourself, please a person or people you feel you couldn’t live without?

In life I believe as a Christian person that most people say they are they path to self righteousness and fulfillment is through the act and belief in having faith in GOD!  All to often do we as humans place our life and our faith in other humans. Whether it be for work or it be for love and our own social standing I feel as if we are far taken into a realm of social acceptance that negates us from actually calling upon the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hoping that our mothers, fathers, siblings and/or friends can save us! These types of behaviors and false witness are given to us and spoon fed to us through television and other means of entertainment whether it be books like “Huckleberry Finn” he had his trusty side kick, or movies like “Lean on Me” a classic buddies going through hell and high water together to form a life long bond! I think girls are hit with it early and often throughout their whole lives starting with “Barbie’ and ending in something like “Fried green Tomatoes” or any other various chick flicks. Men are more targeted off the combat fact say like the Civil Service cartoons and role models, being a solider having each others backs “G.I. JOE”, “Transformers”, ect… but it is done in a tough and more fundamentally first nature type of package deal most common is a sports setting!

Not too suggest that something is wrong with these types of settings and processes for which camaraderie and dependability skills and traits needed to survive the day and life in general are nurtured.  But we tend to learn to depend on these skills and we move away from what Jesus said and from what we read in our bibles, and from our spiritual guidance counselor (clergy) harps on and repeats every Sunday, which is based on the biblical facts:

“Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” —Matthew 17:20

“Have faith in God. Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” —Mark 11:22-26

There are several more just like these versus in the New Testament that allow you to not walk on egg shells, when you have a problem but better yet pray and depend on the Lord to deliver and come through clearing a path for any injustices and iniquities to be resolved on your behalf, in your favor! By faith, can only a person actually even believe in the Lord and Savior, because you can’t physically each out and touch him, see him, smell him, or metaphysically obtain any type of connection with him other than to say, YOU BELIEVE!

Tying this all back to the original point is that anytime you think that you can fix something or any one else can fix it for you, before you have polaced in God’s hands and allowed him to guide you, then yes you are being PITIFUL!  But as you begin to recognize that the truths as stated int he bible and the words that Jesus spoke instructing you to fall and place all worries at his feet, then you are showing your responsibility and self worth and maturity by getting back to the basics and following what Jesus Christ has instructed us to do! Pray and pull out your Jesus cell phone and dial that faith number when you need some help, you will realize as you call that number more on a everyday basis, your emergency calls will be marginalized! Amen and Hallelujah!


I think the law being proposed in Kentucky by lawmaker Rep. Lonnie Napier (R), as reported, by J. Brammer of the Lexington Herald, {Kentucky lawmaker wants random drug testing for welfare recipients Read more:} is a fantastic and effective law to fight drugs and to save families from just being in a stagnant unproductive circle. I think that making parents responsible while receiving welfare and other government  funds because they should made to follow the laws for the simple fact they can’t support themselves and dependents on their own like other people do.

If you can’t buy alcohol, beer, cigarettes, or any other non-food items with food stamps why should you be able to enjoy other privileged items like people who aren’t on government assistance does? I feel even though drugs are illegal they are a “privilege” and yes if caught with them or under the influence any person should be prosecuted. With that said what someone does with their hard earned money is their prerogative, but their money shouldn’t go towards others who don’t work (for whatever reason and excuse) and allow them to indulge in the same privileges.

I think that if parents were actually being responsible for their children then they wouldn’t want drugs to be in any vicinity of their children. I believe this move will help people become more viable to the working force as well, because one of the biggest issues that negatively affect allot of lower income job seekers is they can’t pass the urine test. This would allow them to get themselves together so they can realize drugs are now going to not only keep them from making legal money it is also going to keep them from getting the scraps they learn to settle for from the government. This is a responsibility gaining opportunity that a lot of people won’t have a choice but to make positive changes to the way they live their lives, that will prove to be for the better. I think this type of law can also be used to make more single family homes stronger and help break that cycle of ignorance and laziness, most people in those predicaments seem to accept.  Parent’s need to realize the first impressions and mannerisms children learn and emulate are theirs. When drugs are represented in their lives, especially early as in toddlers and adolescent ages, drugs will leave a pivotal impression that can make drugs and the negative life experiences which accompany them, an acceptable way of life. Those negative implications and derogatory stereotypes and culture views can stain them for life. These issues and problems tend to follow so many people for whole family generations and help mold them and sustain them in a low income and poor outlook on life bloodline. Often whatever positive that comes from these negative situations usual are spawned from life changing and shocking worse comes to worse situations, that scare some people straight.

In a more important state of affairs drugs should never be allowed to be in the home of the  custodial parents’ home.  I believe this must be taken seriously and should be enforced with strong discipline and consequential methods. Custodial parent’s getting child support benefits which are being mandated, monitored, enforced  and distributed by state and federal governments should make sure they are representing a legal and responsible party in the child’s life. The courts are saying the custodial parent is the most responsible parent for the child and his/her home is the safest and most nuturing place for a child is to live. This isn’t possible if drug use is present in the home because it is “ILLEGAL” first of all, and it also fosters a potentially dangerous and risky housing situation for the child. In the case where the mother fails the drug test then if the father is in a position where he can take care of the child he should be given that opportunity, the child support should be ceased for at least a 3- 6 month time giving the mother time to complete a drug abuse counseling program.  With the custodial parent being automatically placed in this position, then a drug free enviroment is paramount and should all ways be expected from the custodial parent and enforced by the government. Especially in the circumstances if a mother is living in any type of public housing, or in housing provided by federal programs ie HUD, HABITAT, SECTION-8, etc, receiving food stamps, or getting medicare benefits of any type.  It is the governments responsibilty to make sure they are taking care of these children and looking after them because they are placing children in these homes and judging them to be legally fit. I also believe that this law should extended to foster parents and those who recieve any foster care monies temporary or permanently. Adoptive parents should also be drug screened as well as day cares, and any other childcare provider that accepts government funds no matter what types of funds those are!

Law abiding citizens and lawmakers, have to realize that if drugs can’t be purchased with funds from the government, directly or indirectly through the illegal sale of their government benefits like selling food stamps, medicines, identity fraud for medical services etc…  then drug dealers will have to reform and scout different places and environments to sell their product. In the government housing  projects, and other urban ghettos these new ways of crime and drug prevention can make those places a  better place to live. Along with this program they need to provide fee based counseling for those who violate the no drug laws and rules. Family counseling should be provided, at a fee which could be worked off in community service, so the children can know how drugs directly have negatively effected their home, and they can be placed in the parents rehabilitation process as a direct derivative to drug use.  These actions are the only way some people are going to give up those practices and trivial abuses of their lives and illegal activities. If people want to get high then they should get a job and get their own shelter and then when they are pulling their own weight they can dictate what they can do with their own funds in their own homes. Welfare isn’t for everyone in America, those that work and suffer and survive everyday without taking advantage of the system deserve to buy whatever they want, with their money, even if it is illegal because that is what the justice system is there for.  But if you aren’t earning a decent days wage because you choose not too, and sit around and scheme and lie to get ahead in life then there should be limits placed on just what you can do with what you get.

Urine testing can lead the way to new and better employment opportunity, because now the benefit for not working and getting a welfare check has just gotten smaller, along with this law they need to add an amendment to make food stamp purchases follow a healthy guideline and formula. People can’t continue just fill their  shopping baskets with junk food and processed goods that are killing them and their children, which create a bigger problem hypnotizing and handcuffing children to a life that will involve these horrible practices and eating behaviors. This is a type of abuse that is irresponsible and costing regular everyday working people more at the grocery store because the amount of food they buy on the governments tab allows the food providers to hike up the price because the demand really isn’t being factored correctly. Someone using food stamps are at a better position when it comes to buying power in the marketplace because they don’t have to make choices based on the price charts like normal people do. It is also a major benefactor promoting to the decline in children health and youth obesity, including diabetes and high blood pressure. The basic and small change to just what is available to purchase using food stamps can change children and adult medicare costs in the billions over a few years, more than paying for the drug testing, enforcement, and counseling costs all by itself.  The families diet is so important, because those welfare and food stamp recipients are killing the health care system in cases that deal with preventative disease treatments,  medications, and surgeries in America.

Enacting laws requiring urine and blood testing  to people that receive federal, and state benefits, aligned with strong and strict  enforcement and consequences supported by family counseling, custodial responsibility revocation, civil service as punishment, and in the most extreme situations jail time.  As well as changing and monitoring the way food stamps are valued, consumed, and spent can lead to millions of dollars saved by the government in fraud, medicare, and crime fighting leading to more production from tax profits and benefiting all Americans in the near future.

The Big Black Truth

The reason I posted this is because black peole have got to open their eyes and see the truth! Compare the numbers of black prosperity during the Bush years vs Obama’s years! Yes this is just his 2nd year in the White House, but he was given a broken egg, a mountain of clay that was his to mold, what did he do? He continued down the road that crippled America to begin with! He satisfied some with “Cash for Clunkers”, he gave us a temporary “Home Buyers Credit”, and he also put in place an extra $812 in your yealy take home those were temporary! He promised to end the Iraq War which he has since renigged on prefering to wage a War in Afghnistan and patronize the monetary needs and demands of a Nuclear Pakistan for which he refuses to enter talks that could replace its presidency and denuclearize the country, he bailed out the banks with tough rhetoric and no back bone, he created a Wall Street that manipulates the Market in the same way it did previously that caused the housing market problem from the beginning, by proposing new laws designed to govern and regulate it with out any teeth basically turning it into an informational document for the American to read!

Healthcare was a farce from the beginning with no real intent on a “public option” for Americans he really only wanted Americans to fall in line because he knew that by covering sick and previously denied ill patients he can help bankrupt America as well as the insurance companies may have to cover you, but they can also charge what ever ridiculous fees and deductibles they see fit which is still a win/win for them!

Back to the $812 additional dollars he put in your pocket, he subtracted about $30 – $40 of that back by signing to extend the Bush error tax cuts, and also hurting you in the long run because your social security %6 to %4 is going to mess a lot of people up later on in life, some sooner than later! As well as without ending tax cuts he is extending the period of smaller tax income therefore furthering a defict in our country and compiled an extesion of unemployment benefits! Which is an act that will keep people unemployed, for the most part they will be those that are the uninspired and undetermined that do the back breaking and undesired work, it will go to the immigrant and get outsourced as well, leading us back into a nonproductive period that will cause decades of negative results for millions of Americans. By the way go read the Obama tax plans, tell how you like those apples especially if your a married couple.

His relentless actions by employing the Bernankes, Summers, the Gietners, and Dailys are continued measures that he isn’t about change for the good he is all about the continued unrest and unequality that has America in the position it is now! I know what you are going to say next what about his efforts to extend higher education? To that I say this 1 of Americas biggest problems right now is the flooding of over educted people and the fact is that there is now a college on every corner! So if you didn’t take an ACT or SAT and you don’t want to learn about all the stuff that targeted on your desires and career come ABC University, we understand your needs! Bull hockey, the traditional Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges are having to raise its cost because so many people are going to these fly by night schools and getting half ass degrees that aren’t fully equiping them for the whole job, but employers are hiring these people because they will take less than a student that went to a traditional 4 or 6 year institution of higher learning! When that scientist, engineer, chemist, journalist, lawyer, etc graduates they see they have to accept less than Sally Sue that used her scool money and went to “Happy Easy Time University”, but when the head to head performance comes out the proof is in the pudding the correctly and upper educated worker is usually held onto despite the minor pay difference and yet another “educated” person joins the ranks of the unemployed!

I contend that instead of pumping money into our adults going to college and older house moms and dads we pump our money into our communities where we can save and improve the quality of real education for young students K – 12 because if given the proper seeds of encouragement and education up to scale and quality clooege will be a destination not an option! Only then can you garuntee that the child will know how important an education really is it has too be placed in their subliminal mindset, and the younger the better, because Online training isn’t hands on skill learning! A computer can never give someone the same type of quality education a classroom enviroment offers! But the quality of the classroom enviroment has to be a strong 1 from the beginning starting at the Kindergarten level and continuing throughout highschool so the sheer size of college and the work load doesn’t destroy a person mentaly before they even get started it should entice them to want to conquer it instead! The only way to encourage that type of attitude and focus on education and the work ethic it takes to get there is by starting when you have the best oppurtunity “in the beginning” yeah it is going to takes some outreach into family homes, it is going to take some feedings, and clothings, and outreach but that is the beautiful thing about America and The American spirit it can be done!

Those are and were the roots of his campaing the man who gave up the big firms to work in communites becoming one with regular people helping societies lowest to achieve great things, but where is that candidate? What happened to the “Yes we can!” Candidate that was about change and holding his ground against the backroom dealings, and closed door meetings and porkbelly wastefull war time actions that was ruining our country? Remember his allegiance to the poor and unrepresented the person next door, the everyday American, I belive he has forgotten that, he has forgotten that we have to put money in our pocket so we can place food on the table, in order for our kids to get the “free” education they deserve as Americans our Communities need his help!

Pay our teachers more make it a target job instead of a dreadful one, they need to know that. Public Education is a Business that is too big to fail and their bailout is coming! Look into family matters and the court system help fathers that are doing the right things by their children, in child support, increase programs that can help keep some of these families together, instead of allowing them to fail! Go after those men who hide behind unemployment and lazy local governments that aren’t paying child support, along with the mothers who are abusing the goverment for their funds and hurting the middle class families that are doing it the right way!

Create a jobs training programs that include the basic building blocks and foundation of the working force with construction, general labor skills, and capentary skills allowing them to take back a field of employment that has benn taken over by the immigrant leagal/illegal!
When our telecommunications companies and technological companies look for workers they shouldn’t have to revert to outsourcing and hiring people from other companies, our American students should be getting equipted for these jobs early, not just when in college! Give more benefits for companies willing to stay in America, charge higher taxes to companies who’s base is in other countries say like Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW for example, charge them for us having to import their vehicles and parts to our country instead of opening manufactoring plants (besides the few plants) here that can make those parts for their vehicles! If they try and pull out of America inform them the import tax will be levied on their products that it will be almost impossible for us to afford them! We need an Amrican President that is going to make America work for Americans, the whole America not just the top 2 – 6%! Yes I am including some of the richest people thzt don’t show up on the list those that hide their money offseas those Obama also said he was going to bring to justice and didn’t pursue once he got into office!

Last but not least, on the crime situation crime is something we are always going to have, it is just a rule of life! Drugs and drug violence doesn’t have to be as bad as it is though, through community outreach and retooling and reapproaching the situation, we can build and man more rehabilitation facilities and empower and educate from within the community, that can cleanse itself of the drug and violence, if you get rid of the consumer then there isn’t a markegt for your product! The nature and needs of the drug abuser has got to changed and addressed, don’t get me wrong there will be drug abuse, and some violence with it, but when it can be curtailed so it isn’t hyptnotising and brain washing whole communities of poor and downtrotten people that can’t see if they put the distractions down, and faced reality that their own lives could be saved by and with each other! That is going to take a mass change in or laws and law enforcement! That’s where Obama can lead and start the conversation to get those changes made! Please chime in, and leave your response whether you agree or disagree! Add your own ideas and thoughts!