The Anatomy of Communication in a Relationship!

The main issue is the lack of communication! It is a skill that people in relationships lack all over the country, but I feel like it is especially an issue in the lower financial class, and under educated households.  Communication is a natural and nurtured reaction and skill. I say it is both nature and nurture driven because yes some people are just great communicators, but the way they choose to communicate is just as important as the act itself.

In a lot of relationships both sides bring baggage and the lack of effective communication is 1 big suitcase that people lay on their mate’s emotional floor! Plus if a person has not seen an effective relationship where communication is vibrant, successful, respectful, and integral then they are most likely to bring that broken style of communication into their relationship as well. The faults of cheating and revenge, and spite are all acted out in most cases because people refuse to just admit they have made mistakes, or feel a certain way about the transgressions of their mate, yet they don’t know how to tell them verbally, so they act out instead.

A simple talk about financial stress and feelings of not want and abandon can be resolved by both parties sitting down and discussing the when’s and why’s of their relationship saving them from committing crimes of the heart against the other person, because they are to filled with the anxiety, embarrassment, and fear they are filled with when they think of just talking about their feelings. This issue is not just a man’s problem; it is a sickness and disease both sexes have.

Men call it pride and foolish terms such as “me being me”, and “this is what men do” when they are explaining their childish behavior, and their inability to talk and effectively communicate their feelings. Mainly because they weren’t shown an image of a man even doing that for a fear he would be conceived as weak or gay!

Women on the other hand have no issue with discussing their emotions and issues with their friends, family, and strangers, but when it comes to their mate they clam up on the true important matters and focus on trivial things that the man has no idea of why it even matters!  Which cause a void of trust and faith and opens the door for lies and deception on both part, yet their mothers and girlfriends will know the whole scoop! Their childish behavior is brought on by a fear of being alone, and missing out on “a good thing” because if they just show a man the image they think the man thinks he wants to see, then he will never leave them. Even though we all know this is false.

Honest and truthful communication a clean slate and realizing not all issues have resolutions that are prevalent and immediate, but if the issues are on the table then they can be worked on and ironed out between both parties, as long as they are committed to doing so and bringing all issues to the fore front can only relive stress, and avoid ignorant and permanent damage effecting all sides of people physically and emotionally!  It will also break the mold of ineffective communication for your children because they will see how adults are supposed to handle life amongst each other, and in business dealings as well. Effective and decisive communication builds confidence and integrity in people, and also shows a person’s worth in way that is immeasurable.


World Cup Cape Town, beggers can’t be choosers!

As I was driving to work I was listening to NPR, they were talking about sports happenings, Congrats Blackhawks! But what really caught my attention was the piece done on Cape Town in South Africa. It focused on the homeless people that were living just blocks away from the hotels and entertainment venues that will be in the center of attraction this year during the World Cup Championship! I am really not surprised by this action all countries and cities wash their face when they are on the big stage, but what did surprise me most of all was the reaction from the homeless people! They were upset and mad that they had been relocated to the outskirts of town in a city of shanty homes, its not The Ritx Carlton but you was living outside anyways! I really wonder about people that wait on the government to bail them out, or hand them something but at the same time they complain about it! That is a serious issue the world around, from Africa to America France to Saudi Arabia., people who have governments they depend on always feel as if they can pick and choose their level of support. If you decide to make the best out of any situation your in, then as an adult sometime in your life the amount of handouts you need should decrease. Yeah I know I am talking about South Africans and some developing countries but look around you it is possible, but even more important an American has no excuse.