Black Comedy Resurrection

“The King of Comedy”

Bernie Mac 

I personally thought Black stand-up comedy died in 2008 when we lost Bernie Mac. In 1998 Bernie Mac performed in Louisville Ky at the Palace Theater it was the funniest night of my life! It was before Kings of Comedy and he was doing the famous skit about adopting his sisters children to end the show and he brought the house down! His hilarious sets on Def Comedy Jam and in movies and not too mention the fact my son who is 9, records all “The Bernie Mac Show” episodes on cable! Comedy has been in a downfall in my opinion because Black comedians stages have gotten smaller, and the same old guys keep getting the bookings. No Def Comedy Jam style outlets have also hurt a lot of guys opportunity to blow up! I know there’s the current touring guys right now but they aren’t as funny as Bernie and since Charlie Murphy has passed R.I.P. they are missing a star as well!

Then I came across this gem, a glimmer of hope on the internet! Hopefully a collaboration for the decades in the making!
Kevin Hart Reveals Who Paid for Comedy Power Dinner, Says It’s About Time |!article/2018/02/20/kevin-hart-chris-rock-paid-power-dinner-comedians-dave-chappelle-dwyane-wade/

Eddie Murphy

The Greatest Entertainer alive! I hate too pigeon hole him by race, so yes Eddie Murphy is “The Greatest Entertainer” alive! The man should have at least 2 Oscars “Beverly Hills Cop 2” & “Another 48 Hours” #easy! Heck make that 3 Oscars, because if Boomerang was an all white or (typical) cast he would have won an Oscar for that as well! Not to mention his performance in “Dream Girls!” International Classic “Coming to America” no one who has seen it wouldn’t watch it over and over again! Jeez “Trading Places” has 3 Oscar trophy worthy performances alone all of which Eddie made better!  Plus many other movies, animated, stand ups, and music because my girlfriend likes to “Party all the Time” too! Eddie Murphy deserves a bust on any Mt. Rushmore of Best Entertainers!

Chris Rock

I am so glad to see back in the saddle again and on the stage! “Tamborine” was good, he shook off some rust and almost seemed as if he didn’t want to stop performing! I know he has been behind the scenes producing and writing etc… but with classics like “I Think I Love my Wife” & “Top Five” both which he wrote and produced of course if you check out his Filmography the credits are better than name your current top 10-15 Caucasian entertainers of his age! A movie with these 2 alone would be a #classic! Yes! Chris I do think you too should have hoisted an Oscar! I think he told the truth about his life as a husband how the bright lights, caused him to feel bigger than he was. Main thing is he is a great father and back in comedy Hallelujah!!!

Dave Chappelle

HE IS BACK! I did see “Half Baked” it was good, a lot of people say binge worthy! I also love the fact he didn’t try and come for Faizon over the criticism which shows he is a true man! Lesser men would have tried to start a war, waged on bank accounts and accomplishments etc… but not Dave, I really don’t think he has said anything at all! He knows he doesn’t have too! He is the critical acclamation type of Black Comedian that we all love! I remember Dave on Def Comedy Jam, his most memorable joke for me was “when the white people got together and tried out the N-Word” lol! His whole routine was good, but that is the part that just stuck with me. He has had an expansive career as well more side kick work than the star besides The Chappelle Show (season 2&3 were the best again R.I.P. Charlie Murphy) Dave has proven the stage is exactly where he belongs though! He is killing it on Netflix great material classic entertainer!

Then there was 1!

Kevin Hart

“H.M.I.C.” (Head Mitch In Charge) Lol! Kevin you are the “Man of The Decade” Who’s made more money? Who revived stand-up comedy? Who has crossed the lines of comedy & drama successfully? Who has made Men, Women Boys and Girls cry with laughter? Who stepped up to the plate when the other ICONS of Comedy were doing other projects, and handling personal business? Only 1 Man! The Smallest in Stature but LARGEST in CHARISMA & DETERMINATION! You name it Kevin has done it over the last 10 years MOVIES, CARTOONS, STAND-UP, TV Shows, Drama, Commercials, Award Shows, Work Out Videos, Author he has done it ALL! In a career spanning over 20 years these last 10 have been the payoff for not giving up on your dreams and learning from your mistakes! The vacuum that was left when the old guys died or went straight for TV Kevin filled that void! I have even read his book, I read it to my son as a way to show him regardless of your beginnings, he can still overcome and family is a gift that keeps on giving!  Kevin Hart I think has helped save Black Comedy as an art! I know that sounds crazy, but it is true! This last decade has done more for the “art” of being a black Comedian than I think Kevin Hart will ever get credit for! One thing is for sure he has laid a trail littered with No’s and Closed Doors but he never stopped KNOCKING! Which is why when the time arose, he stepped up to the challenge!

All four men are great comedians, and all around great entertainers. I have to say as  Black men they are also great role models. I am talking about the way they father their children and even in a 24/7 information driven world nothing but good things are said about these men! No matter how messy it may have got between them and the wives, they never made a fool out of them, or tried to cast a negative light for their own benefit! From the outside looking in all I see are great Black men, Great Fathers, who entertain the WORLD and take care of their children! *yes even Kevin Hart’s drama was handled professionally and with character

This post was spawned by the article about those great male comedians having dinner, but I can’t end without reaching out to the Black Ladies bringing it in this time of social media power! The goal is to have productions where all these Beautiful & Talented people can come together and build lasting entertainment models to be followed and classics to be revered for centuries in time!

Tiffany Haddish

Is probably considered a “Vet” now with all the success she is having. From being recognized as “yeah that chick is funny” or “oh yeah hey there she is again” to killing it in “Keanu” and going Nuclear in “Girls Trip” where she did more than just hold her own, she left people asking “Man where has she been?” She calls herself a “Unicorn” she still gets slightly nervous as I could tell when she hosted SNL, but as she flashed that Million Dollar Smile we couldn’t help but laugh just as hard as she wanted us too! Whether it is seeing her on Ellen crying over meeting Oprah and cooking greens, or listening to her tell her life story she is EFFING AMAZING and Captivating so glad we have her! She is 1 Unicorn who has our minds lining up to take a ride! Her delivery and smile is always on time!

When it comes to female comics there is no shortage of young Black women making everyone laugh killing it across social media and HBO, Netflix, HULU and any other service they can tell side splitting jokes and create great skits! Here are just a few:

  • Akilah Hughes
  • Amanda Seales
  • Erica Ash
  • Marsai Martin
  •  Pia Glenn
  • Yvonne Orji
  • Zainab Johnson

This Man has no labels, that’s exactly the way he likes it NO BOXES!

Lil Duval

I am sure needs no introduction considering he is 20 years strong! From MTV, VH1, shows with Charlemagne to the stage! Killer Social Media Empire and selling out shows around the world right now! This is the man to follow on Instagram and Twitter no fear and The King of “KEEPING IT REAL” Lil Duval is that comedian who will remain Broadway, but keep that underground respect and reputation! I personally would like to see more of him on the same screens, as the comedians listed here. I know he can carry his own weight and surprise some who aren’t convinced.

New Blood

Chris Crowder

A comedian out of Louisville filling seats in venues leaving people cracking up every occasion. He started out as a clean comedian and has started expanding his subject matter it includes life as a Black man, father & husband. He has been killing comedy in Louisville for a decade now and is about to blow as soon as those clock hands line up!

Ryan Davis

A hilarious young comedian traveling filling venues across the America along with his social media presence. He is killing on Facebook shooting comedy through real life situations and anyone caught slipping! He has done a great job embracing social media and giving people that free taste of his comedy!

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