2 Police Shootings 2 Innocent Victims

“This was written before the innocent verdict was released, it was just a draft I revisited”

I think the biggest lesson here is for people to learn from this case, instead of protesting. It wasn’t right that man lost his life, but it shows just how cowardly and scared some police are of a Black man with a gun!

Legality of your gun has nothing to do with the fact the cop may be a total coward, it is a shame he had to die thinking “everything is all good, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

I am not blaming the victim here, and I know people will see me as doing that, but firearm safety and common sense when you’re a black man are 2 different classes, taught in the same room!

Fast foward another police shooting! Same state!

Now a Caucasian woman has been killed in the same state. “Wowzers Batman!” An African American man did not get the justice he deserved, but I can’t imagine this innocent, unarmed Caucasian woman’s death by police will be viewed the same way!

See innocence is special especially when it’s in the former of a Caucasian woman and it’s taken by a Black Man! Laws will be changed and he is going to be facing some prison time!

It’s a shame the history records will show it took the “RIGHT” police shooting to open the door for change!

This proves “all lives do not matter” the police are unskilled, not compassionate and untrained! The Justice Department is ancient and behind the times regardless how much money is spent! The people they gather to serve on the jury are the worst, because the power is really in their hands. It’s their responsibility to hand down JUSTICE and so many times they refuse to do what’s right, because they are the real bigots! Let’s see how they feel about this 1!