Watch “Migos About to Fight Joe Budden During Everyday Struggle Interview at BET Awards” on YouTube

Joe Budden was the Biggest Winner last night! He completely sized up & punked out The Migos! All the tough talk and lyrics but tight clothes, high waters, & loafers blind you when you don’t see a dude visibly sizing you up, and recognizing yall soft! Old school rappers would have at least spit on him, for that level of disrespect! Mid way the first question should have been “Joe why you so uptight” letting him know “nigga I see you!” Plus the other dude straight made fun of the member in red by repeating the dame questions like he didn’t understand english! At that point right there The Migos should have said “fuck yall lames, (invited shorty to the after party) and walked off! 

These new groups have too understand in comparison yall dress like women, and also seem feminine. These old cats who can’t get a label to even sniff them, are mad so they take every opportunity to PISS IN YALL CHEERIOS! That’s exactly what Joe & the other guy (in a I know I can’t whoop ya ass, but I think I am smarter than you) way! If this goes unchallenged then it will just continue! 

What’s next Migos? *not advocating violence of any sort, but the Migos should let people for future interviews know disrespect will not be tolerated right now they are the best group, and feature artists doing it out here (neck & neck with Kendrick when he does features) so they should not be subjected to ignorance when they allow access. Plus I know ain’t nobody going to try this with GUCCI MANE, JEEZY or any other ATL *star* rapper so they need to get people in line now!