Legacy Building 

It’s easy for people to knock Lavar  Ball and say he us getting famous off his sons etc… But I don’t hear anyone knocking DJ Khaled for pimping out his son, just to sell records! Come on now you know that’s a big part of it! The Executive Producer title great move builds income for his son, but he still knows that handsome fellas face will help him crossover to the markets he hasn’t (even though Jay-Z signing him has put him on more stages) but back to the point that it is acceptable  for him to put his son out there to help boost the family income, vs Lavar Ball trying to create a legacy with his sons talents, trying to ensure the family makes the majority of the profits instead of everyone else reaping the spoils of his sons hard work and his lifetime of work getting his sons to that point making it possible to get to the NBA! What’s the difference?