Mississippi Move On!


I think there’s only 2 choices for blacks living in these areas: 

1. Start militia type warfare on site immediately


2. Gather what you can and get out leave it all behind if they want Mississippi then let them have it take you, your family, and leave. 
Hopefully the preacher will preach the same message have a black exodus from that state especially those areas and let them feel the wrath of having to fill in when you’re gone! From the job positions to the high school sport teams gone! I don’t see the militia happening, but #2 could, force the government to call upon FEMA to deal with Americans displaced by racism who feared for their lives because the local government could not be trusted, and we’re the oppressors killing and robbing these people of their civil rights! I know it sounds crazy, and delusional but what other choice do they have? 

I know most are going to say “what about their family legacies etc…” but if your whole history is in Mississippi and you’re black, then a lot of that has been a history of horror!  Take your picture books, and those heirlooms and LEAVE! Let them people have that state, they will eventually kill each other off. Hatred can find a new target everytime. 


They are your words, can you be responsible for them?

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