Watch “Migos About to Fight Joe Budden During Everyday Struggle Interview at BET Awards” on YouTube

Joe Budden was the Biggest Winner last night! He completely sized up & punked out The Migos! All the tough talk and lyrics but tight clothes, high waters, & loafers blind you when you don’t see a dude visibly sizing you up, and recognizing yall soft! Old school rappers would have at least spit on him, for that level of disrespect! Mid way the first question should have been “Joe why you so uptight” letting him know “nigga I see you!” Plus the other dude straight made fun of the member in red by repeating the dame questions like he didn’t understand english! At that point right there The Migos should have said “fuck yall lames, (invited shorty to the after party) and walked off! 

These new groups have too understand in comparison yall dress like women, and also seem feminine. These old cats who can’t get a label to even sniff them, are mad so they take every opportunity to PISS IN YALL CHEERIOS! That’s exactly what Joe & the other guy (in a I know I can’t whoop ya ass, but I think I am smarter than you) way! If this goes unchallenged then it will just continue! 

What’s next Migos? *not advocating violence of any sort, but the Migos should let people for future interviews know disrespect will not be tolerated right now they are the best group, and feature artists doing it out here (neck & neck with Kendrick when he does features) so they should not be subjected to ignorance when they allow access. Plus I know ain’t nobody going to try this with GUCCI MANE, JEEZY or any other ATL *star* rapper so they need to get people in line now!


Legacy BuildingĀ 

It’s easy for people to knock Lavar  Ball and say he us getting famous off his sons etc… But I don’t hear anyone knocking DJ Khaled for pimping out his son, just to sell records! Come on now you know that’s a big part of it! The Executive Producer title great move builds income for his son, but he still knows that handsome fellas face will help him crossover to the markets he hasn’t (even though Jay-Z signing him has put him on more stages) but back to the point that it is acceptable  for him to put his son out there to help boost the family income, vs Lavar Ball trying to create a legacy with his sons talents, trying to ensure the family makes the majority of the profits instead of everyone else reaping the spoils of his sons hard work and his lifetime of work getting his sons to that point making it possible to get to the NBA! What’s the difference? 

Modern Day Lynching

I see so many people have let this Philando Castille dash cam put them back in a mental  tizzy! That’s why they release all that mess, to make you unstable and scared. The same way they lynched man could be left on display for days at a time, it instills fear! Stop watching it, stop sharing it, stop acknowledging it happened. It’s history now, etched into the annuals of time. Was it racist? I don’t know, I do know that the news company makes a lot of money off racist themes though, because blacks are mentally brainwashed to feel less than, so we react as such. Clicks and shares, tweets etc is money for them, not The Castille family. Don’t continue to help the hold the rope after the lynching.

Mississippi Move On!

I think there’s only 2 choices for blacks living in these areas: 

1. Start militia type warfare on site immediately


2. Gather what you can and get out leave it all behind if they want Mississippi then let them have it take you, your family, and leave. 
Hopefully the preacher will preach the same message have a black exodus from that state especially those areas and let them feel the wrath of having to fill in when you’re gone! From the job positions to the high school sport teams gone! I don’t see the militia happening, but #2 could, force the government to call upon FEMA to deal with Americans displaced by racism who feared for their lives because the local government could not be trusted, and we’re the oppressors killing and robbing these people of their civil rights! I know it sounds crazy, and delusional but what other choice do they have? 

I know most are going to say “what about their family legacies etc…” but if your whole history is in Mississippi and you’re black, then a lot of that has been a history of horror!  Take your picture books, and those heirlooms and LEAVE! Let them people have that state, they will eventually kill each other off. Hatred can find a new target everytime. 

The 24/7 Time Bomb

Life in America has been ruined by the fact Americans want anything they want, availible 24 hours a day! Look no further than the emergence of 24 hour availability to mirror the demise of the household! It used to be reserved for truck drivers and people who worked the grave yard shift to have a rocky household, due to the fact they just weren’t there!