Too many Kids Too many baby daddys!

A friend of mine asked this question “Why is it so Bad when a woman has multiple Baby Daddys” (Rocko Ledford via FB)

This is the answer in my opinion tell me yours!

I wonder why people are so easy to have sex with just who ever men and women? Its like people are brainwashed! That’s the biggest issue, and yes if she or he is taking care of them meaning no welfare, food stamps, K-Chip, etc… Then who cares they can do that, but if they receive any of the above services including Section-8, free cell phones, you name it then they are some irresponsible, immature, people that just don’t care about what they doing!

Yes, somebody needs to judge sometimes. Caring is one reason some people changed their ways! Whether it be that Church family, or just Big Momma those dynamics are missing from peoples lives right now!

Some people get caught up it happens, once may be twice but multiple times different baby fathers, and illegitimate children, that’s ignorance, no not all people on welfare and/or the aboved mention programs are “LIFERS”, but it is so easy to become content when trying to get off public assistance, and not having the gov help is so much harder! Not to mention the drugs and alcohol have people so dazed and dysfunctional half the time they don’t even know what’s going on!

Honestly who wants to work like a beast, and have too struggle if you don’t have too? Women are so weak and feeble minded, and men have so many juvenile thoughts that sex now is the #1 topic among every age group! It is really pathetic, mixed in television shows made either promote homosexuality, murder, and blind ignorance shaded as “reality tv” people are really being manipulated to fail, if they don’t have any ambition or goals!

Whatever I didn’t say you say it for me!