Unemployment benefit extesions vs. Making people choose less desirable jobs

I ask becuase I was on unemployment a few years ago I worked at Pepsi making $14.00 a hour plus ot, I got fired it was my fault but I was on unemployment for I dont know I know I turned down plenty jobs while waiting for that $14+ job that I lost to come along and it didn’t, luckily I found a job at a floral company for $8.25 a hour I was pissed at first but when unemployment dropped me I had to find something, then some friends came along and I lucked into a great oppurtunity making about $1400 – $2000 every 2 weeks and years there I had bought a house and got married and had a child on the way things were looking up, then that job cut me out thats the business I was in so now I had all these bills and a family had to do something so I dropped my pride and applied for ATT making $11.41 a hour far from what I was used to and it turned out to be a great choice God knew what I needed and it has grown to much more than where it started but I have learned when you have to do what you have to do most people only then, DO IT! I feel like Americans have gotten out of touch with what proverty is and a many of us think we are above it but are finding out that it is really closer to home than we like, but you can survive and with a will to work and a need to work more people will invent new corporations and new products depression and neccesity are what make inventors out of general workers, and by extending unemployment they wont realize how bad they really need to get into a new field and take on new challenges! Thats just how I feel what do you think?