Free Speach!

Juan Williams being fired because of his comments about Muslims was ridiculous! Juan Williams is one of the most respected actual journalists in this country! He is an exquisite author when it comes to matters of African American matters and history, his non biased although liberal it may be comments and opinions are excellent whether it be on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, etc… Juan Williams is bigger than this and NPR, but the bigger question is with the millions that George Soros and Americans in our country and the world pump into the network where are they headed? The liberal agenda is lost in a self anarchists train of thought, and by that matter where the NAACP Juan Williams is a black man who has had his civil rights taken by NPR when they fired him, by the action in firing him they tried to take his ability too make money, by taking his civil rights away by taken his freedom of speech away! He told the truth as he feels about a vile and violent people, they are violent and bring terror to any place they move any country they occupy starts to have wars because Muslims don’t want or respect anything thats different than thier beliefs! Period!