You think its just Bad Schools!

I think it is a systematic issue! I mean it is more than just a parenting issue, it is more than just a quality education issue! It is a change in how we as Americans are developing into society as well as the society we are allowing to develop! Our children are not surrounded by child type enviroments anymore, our television channels don’t have the emphases on kids like there used to be, parents aren’t parents with the same concerns they used to have, single parent homes aren’t an excuse anymore but the lack of desire and determination to be successful has disappeared! As a race we have long forgotten the struggle and accepted the scraps and refused to demand more! Our homes are becoming places were kids are given the same respect as adults, no type of manners are being taught, because we are moving away from our roots and accepting the things other families deem to be acceptable. Back to the baphoonery and ignorant dispalys of our selves like Jerry springer, and Maury “whos my baby daddy”, we allow these things to dumb down our kids and judge shows fill the screens when they come home from school and yet again those are distractions from what being a child is and the images and role models kids need! The educational system financial strain is bottle necked at the top advisors, lawyers, administrators, principals, and people out of direct contact with the students make the most money and the teachers are left the spoils which aren’t much! When the 2 worlds collide you have an enviroment where only the few students willing and determined to succeed will succeed period! Whether they have 1 parent or none, if they have a dream and follow it they know they can be successful! We live in a get rich quick economy where an education isn’t always the golden ticket it used to be! So not all teens see it as a means of success! Eventhough with out it they are lost! But education really isn’t taughted as high as it used to be back in the day eventhough they try to act like it is they actually promote the foolishness more than education so they can keep the uninformed and those more bound to be left behind, just that behind! The new motto of America is basically only the strong survive and “Welcome To The Jungle!”