Are you addicted to the CRACK, the Government is serving?

When I ask this what I am saying is where is the pride that we used to have? I am advocate for public assistance, but not a supporter of laziness, becoming comfortable, and just setteling for less! I grew up on food stamps and commodities when we needed them, but my mother had some shame and self respect and didnt accept public assistance as a solution! Where did that attitude go? When you was proud to have a dollar you earned? Embarrased when you had to pull out that food stamp book athe store, or when your friends would see that white commidity cereal box in your kitchen? I can tell you what happened see they new that the more proud you were the less control they could have so they developed plans to make it look cool and made you think you could fit in! They created the EBT Card, Section 8 instead of just the projects, instead of medicare its called passport (which I think is abused the most but a very needed program), all these things and the all popular welfare check are devices implemented to keep poor people, no I didnt say “BLACK” I said poor people under educated, under valued, and self esteem challenged! Because if you dont have the pride to say I would rather sweep the floor, take out the trash, or wash the toilets your a slave to them and most people dont even realize that your a slave if you have to depend on them to provide your livelyhood! Its your life God gave you the power to make choices and create your own destiny, but if you stop and decide to allow others who have more than you that dont want you become self sufficent and self empowering so they dumb you down and pacify you with meager wages and sub-standard housing so you will continue to depend on them.