World Cup Cape Town, beggers can’t be choosers!

As I was driving to work I was listening to NPR, they were talking about sports happenings, Congrats Blackhawks! But what really caught my attention was the piece done on Cape Town in South Africa. It focused on the homeless people that were living just blocks away from the hotels and entertainment venues that will be in the center of attraction this year during the World Cup Championship! I am really not surprised by this action all countries and cities wash their face when they are on the big stage, but what did surprise me most of all was the reaction from the homeless people! They were upset and mad that they had been relocated to the outskirts of town in a city of shanty homes, its not The Ritx Carlton but you was living outside anyways! I really wonder about people that wait on the government to bail them out, or hand them something but at the same time they complain about it! That is a serious issue the world around, from Africa to America France to Saudi Arabia., people who have governments they depend on always feel as if they can pick and choose their level of support. If you decide to make the best out of any situation your in, then as an adult sometime in your life the amount of handouts you need should decrease. Yeah I know I am talking about South Africans and some developing countries but look around you it is possible, but even more important an American has no excuse.